1 Click to Optimize Windows 7

With Windows 7, Microsoft did a really good job making the system perform well. However, over time, Windows 7 systems can slow down and need some care and feeding to regain their former glory. As a computer user, I believe everyone should have the feeling that no matter how fast your new computer is at the beginning, it gets slower and slower over time, sometimes the program freezes up or pop some unknown errors, you will have the question in mind “What’s wrong with my computer?” Actually there are a lot of causes to make the computer get slow down, eg, registry errors, lots of junk files, useless services, etc. Today in this article, I will mainly tell you how to optimize windows 7 in easy steps.

Actually there are some ways to do windows 7 optimization through the manual setting of the system. For example, defrag the hard drive(s), disable those pesky, reduce the number of unwanted startup applications (Real Player and QuickTime as usual suspects), and disable unnecessary services. You should also uninstall unnecessary software, remove the bloatware installed by vendors, check your memory, clean up old files, and run periodic anti-spyware scans... no-brainer stuff there. It may scare you as it looks complicated, yes, it may be a little difficult for non-tech guys if you change these setting one by one. In market, there are some third party applications to help you clean up and speed up windows 7 system. Here we recommend 1-Click PC Care, 5 star rating software in optimizing windows 7, the most important is it is baby operation that you just need one click and it will do the rest work for you automatically.

Let’s see how 1-Click PC Care works magically.

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When the analysis process completes, it will generate a report to tell you what issues cause your computer slow down. You can check all the details including PC information, PC performance information, PC security information and PC stability information. You can remove all these issues by clicking on "FIX NOW". Just 1 click, you will get back a new computer.

optimize windows 7

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