Give Your PC A Free PC Health Check

PC is like human, we need to check its health from time to time, to avoid the freezing or crashing one day. As we know, no matter it’s windows XP, 7 or windows 8, they all rely on the data to be written into the hard drive, and the registry file keeps track of these changes. Whenever data is added and deleted, it gradually slows down your system and can make it more unstable as a result. Think back to when you heard a kerklunk sound coming from the hard drive. Or maybe you remember the last time your Internet connection was down. These are the signals that your PC is not healthy. Now what your need is to find a good software to check your PC health. Here we recommend 1-Click PC Care, a good system utility that provides free comprehensive scan on your system and generates a detailed report regarding all the potential computer problems.

The steps to perform Controllo salute PC with 1-Click PC Care.

1.Download 1-Click PC Care

Go to 1-Click PC Care official site, download the setup file and install the program on your computer following the guide and run it.

2.Free Controllo salute PC starts automatically

When the program is launched, it starts to scan all aspects of the PC automatically including PC information, PC performance information, PC stability information and PC security information. In just minutes you'll know exactly what is slowing your computer down. You'll get a customized report detailing all your computer's errors, junk files and potential risks.

pc health check

3.Fix all issues

Besides checking the health of your computer, 1-Click PC Care also can help you fix all those found issues which may slow down and destroy your computer. Not like other regular Tuneup utility that lets you choose and operate to fix each of those issues by yourself, complex and plenty of your time, 1-Click PC Care only needs your one click of “Fix Now” button, then it will automatically fix all common errors that can plague your computer and clear away files that clutter and slow down your system. It’s a totally baby operation.

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Start FREE Controllo salute PC, download it now!